We are a team of professionals from industry and academia with a wide range of skills and experience in renewable energy technologies and entrepreneurship.

Adam Bennett Co-founder, Manager

Adam has a mechanical engineering MS from Columbia University and an aerospace engineering BS from Rutgers University. He has done experimental research in leading-edge vortices on delta-wing aircraft funded by the Aresty Foundation. He has done experimental research on a hybrid WEC-wind turbine funded by Columbia University presented at CEHMS annual conference. Adam won the 2021 BrowardCollege Award (Ocean Exchange Collegiate Award) for E-Wave. And was the student leader of the Columbia University team in the 2020 Department of Energy (DOE) Marine Energy Collegiate Competition which won Third Place Overall and the Best Business Plan Award. Adam has worked on E-Wave’s wave energy project since the beginning, leading E-Wave in the DOE I-Corps program to further commercialization. Adam was also selected by the NYSERDA’s peer program which helps leaders in clean energy.


Dr. Junhui Lou Senior Engineer

Dr. Lou finished his Ph.D. at Oregon State University in 2017 on ocean wave energy (point absorber hydrodynamics) and mooring system (Ocean Sentinel mooring system tested at PacWave North). He came to Columbia University in 2018 as a Postdoctoral then Associate Research Scientist at the NSF IUCRC Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems (CEHMS), where he has conducted further research and extensive market studies on ocean wave energy. Dr. Lou is very committed to the commercialization of WECs and has led teams to succeed in business plan competition (2019 PowerBridgeNY finalist) and 2020 DOE Marine Energy Collegiate Competition. He also worked for E-Wave on WEC design, hydrodynamic optimization, mooring, prototyping, and wave tank test during the DOE STTR and TEAMER projects.


Dr. Huiming Yin P.E. Director

Dr. Yin is an Associate Professor at Columbia University. He is the direction of NSF IUCRC Center of Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems at Columbia Site. He is a well-established researcher and engineer in energy harvesting technologies, composite materials and structures, and civil infrastructure systems and the leading author of three books. He has actively worked with Columbia Technology Ventures for commercialization of the applied research through small business companies and start-ups.


Richard Lewandowski Entrepreneur in Residence

Mr. Lewandowski serves as an NYSERDA Entrepreneur in Residence (NEIR) helping early-stage companies speed up their commercialization efforts by matching their needs (business and technical) with the region’s ecosystem and resources. He has over 25 years of business experience providing market and product development, program management and technology commercialization consulting services to startups, entrepreneurs, manufacturers and organizations around the world who are involved in distributed generation, energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.


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